Shooting The Summer Collection
June 26, 2021

Shooting The Summer Collection


Our new drop of vintage clothes has officially landed and we're so excited to show you what we've been working on over the past few weeks. We had a little break from the business for a few months, took time to change up the branding and sourced new stock for best collection yet. After a lot of meetings and a quick buying trip to London we were ready to shoot.

Photoshoots are always fun for us, a chance to style the clothes, see them on real people and put the collection together. We love shooting, it's always an exciting process and creating great imagery is something we're super passionate about. We try to step it up every time too, find new spaces and outdo the last looks. This sets a challenge and encourages us to push the boundaries with every collection.

For the summer collection we struggled to find a good location with everything going on but managed to get a spot in an antiques market. It was last minute but it proved to be genius! It provided some insane backdrops for Instagram pics, including a rooftop bar with views over the city, blue skies and beautiful furniture. We also had room to set up a studio which meant we could get the shots for the website too - yes!

Our vibe for this season is a lot more playful, colourful and adventurous. We really wanted to incorporate brighter colours and prints into the collection to give you guys more holiday options. In terms of direction we went for a more relaxed, laid back vibe with the poses and the locations, moving away from our signature tailored beige look.

The shoot days start with us prepping the looks for the models, laying out the racks and styling tables and knocking back as many coffees as possible. We're very intuitive when it comes to styling so often we only plan the basic look and then decide on the shoes, accessories and jewellery once we see it in the location. Clothes can look so different on different people so it's good to do this in the moment rather than to force a look - top tips!

To see the final pictures make sure to follow us on Instagram @christossivintage or check out our new in section for the latest drop.